Cross-border wealth solutions
Cross-border wealth solutions

Tailor-made solutions for internationally mobile families

Simplifying complex lifestyles

Many people lead unpredictable lives – living, working and retiring in different countries, with family, businesses, real estate and assets spread around the globe. Complying with the ever-changing regulatory environment in each country can become a serious challenge.

Our deep technical knowledge across multiple jurisdictions means we can manage issues that arise in different countries, helping clients to benefit from the long-term advantages of their global lifestyles.

Benefits of a Lombard International Assurance solution:

  • Over 25 years’ experience in delivering proven portability solutions
  • Dedicated in-house teams with a broad network of third party experts around the world
  • In-depth knowledge of multiple jurisdictions, continually expanding to meet client needs in new markets
  • IT and administrative systems designed specifically to accommodate international portability

portability simulator

portability simulator

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