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We’re pleased to announce that Lombard International Assurance -constantly developing new solutions to satisfy its clients’ needs- has increased the flexibility of its Portuguese life insurance solution. Henceforth, our policies allow investing in several types of internal and external funds (where the Specialised Assurance Fund (SAF) is now also available) within one life insurance contract. One single life insurance policy will be able to hold at the same time one or several of the following:

  • Internal Dedicated Funds

  • Internal Collective Funds

  • Specialised Assurance Funds (SAFs); and/or

  • External Funds


managed by different investment managers or by the policyholder and custodied in different banks, according to the provisions of the Circular Letter 15/3 of the Commissariat aux Assurances on investment rules for life assurance products linked to investment funds.

Download our brochure in English:

and in Portugueuse: 

For more information contact our expert: 

Pedro Martinho Soares
Senior Relationship Advisor
+351 96 481 6454


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