Portability simulation tool

Portability simulation tool

Cross-border life simplified

Tailor-made solutions for internationally mobile families

The world is becoming increasingly globalised and so is the nature of wealth. At Lombard International, we have embraced this paradigm by ensuring full connectivity across the globe. 

We observe an increasing number of internationally mobile families looking for expert help in considering different tax systems and inheritance rules, with family members spread across multiple jurisdictions.

Whether a change in residency is planned or is simply being considered, a unit linked life assurance solution can accommodate future mobility without the need to restructure assets or realise gains at an inappropriate time.

One of the core strengths of Lombard International is the professional knowledge and capabilities of our in-house experts which serve these global markets.  Our team of highly skilled and experienced tax and legal experts develop tailor-made portable solutions to meet the needs of clients in an increasingly multi-jurisdictional environment.

Our proprietary simulation tool illustrates the main tax and legal aspects to consider when clients are looking to relocate from one jurisdiction to another – be it within Europe or from Latin America to Europe.

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