Wealth planning in practice

Wealth planning in practice


Family Status

Our client is a successful patriarch who inherited his wealth from his great-grandfather. He has successfully preserved his wealth through astute, low-risk investments over the last 30 years. At 80 years old he is keen to make sure his three children (in their late 40s) and his six grandchildren (not yet born to 16 years old) benefit as he did.


The patriarch’s objectives are simple: he wishes to preserve the inherited wealth and pass it down to future generations in a controlled manner.


The client, his family and advisers approached Lombard International Assurance. We worked closely with them to understand their personal circumstances. We then created a solution that uses a combination of policies that are structured with different lives assured and different beneficiaries. To fit with the patriarch’s wishes, the policies may be assigned to the children at a later date.


Thanks to our solution, the client is able to maintain his relationship with a number of banks and investment managers who continue to follow a cautious strategy designed for wealth preservation, without putting all the assets in one basket.

The use of multiple policies, with a combination of multiple lives assured and beneficiaries, allows succession planning to continue for generations ahead, with wealth being preserved through a low risk strategy and distributed in a controlled fashion. The solution still allows access to the assets should the patriarch or his children need them.