The December 2017 issue of Trusts & Estates Magazine’s Feature Insurance Article is Private Placement Life Insurance And Split Dollar - Marrying Income and Gift Tax Efficiency.

This Article was co-authored by Lombard International’s US Director of Wealth Structuring Services, Ann Marie Reyher and Southport Compass’s Hugo Tomasio and Rich Olewnik.

In the face of a dynamic transfer tax environment, the need has never been greater for innovative and efficient planning approaches incorporating insurance products that meet client’s needs. High net worth individuals and wealthy families seek ways to secure an estate, gift and income tax efficient structure for multi-generational wealth transfer. 

The article addresses both structural and product considerations, as well as the appropriateness given specific client profiles and risk tolerances. This article focuses on incorporating private placement products as a mainstay in multi-generational wealth transfer tax planning. 
In my role as the US Director of Wealth Structuring Services, I am excited to have the opportunity to co-author an article that speaks to one of the many structural advantages available  to owning a private placement product.”  - Ann Marie Reyher