A global leader in wealth solutions

A global leader in wealth solutions

Tailored wealth solutions designed for control and flexibility

At Lombard International Assurance, we understand the complexities facing today’s wealthy individuals, families and institutions. From managing the succession and wealth planning needs of an internationally mobile family, to navigating the complexities of cross border regulation for our institutional clients, we offer tailored, flexible solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs. 


We take the time to understand the unique situations of individuals and families. We develop bespoke solutions to meet their individual objectives. Our solutions offer security. They are flexible by design. They give our clients confidence that their assets will be transferred according to their wishes.


We live in a global world. Our clients are often at the fore of this changing landscape. We understand the importance of having local, in-market technical experts to manage cross border complexities. We have the expertise to develop portable solutions that allow our clients to make the most of their international lifestyles and businesses. 

The broadest range of asset classes 

Non-traditional, or alternative, assets have long been recognised as an effective diversification tool. They also often have the benefit of investing in the real economy, fuelling growth in our financial markets and the communities in which we live. We understand how to value non-traditional assets and how to integrate them into the solutions we offer.