Lombard International, a global leader in wealth structuring solutions for high net worth individuals, families and institutions, is delighted to announce a donation of €6,500 to the Kriibskrank Kanner Foundation in Luxembourg.

This was a combination of employee fundraising and a donation from the business celebrating 26 colleagues’ successful participation in the 2018 ING Luxembourg Night Marathon.
Lombard International Assurance integrates corporate social responsibility as a key element of its business model and is committed to having a positive and tangible impact on its community.  Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner has been offering support for almost 29 years to children and their families who are fighting cancer or rare and life threatening illnesses. 
Axel Hörger, CEO Europe of Lombard International commented: “I’m proud to support the Kriibskraank Kanner Foundation and proud of our team of runners who helped raised funds which will further support this fantastic charity.
As we help our clients in making their legacy count, we build our own legacy with the firm ambition of having a positive impact on our community and environment. Such ambition is driven by our core SPIRIT values – soul of a small company, passion, integrity, respect, innovation and teamwork - representing the main driving principles that guide us in our work, bringing out the best in us.”
Veerle Dierick, Project Coordinator at the Kriibskraank Kanner Foundation concluded: “Many thanks to the team at Lombard International Assurance for their generous donation, we’re so pleased that they believe in our work and continue to support our vision.  Our mission is to help improve the physical and psychological condition of the children and their families and we remain committed to helping those in need.”