In 1924 the US Air Force made the first aerial circumnavigation of the world. The trip took 175 days. Today, the world’s longest commercial flight is Auckland, New Zealand to Doha, Qatar. The 9, 025 miles is covered in a little over 18 hours. The world we live in today is increasingly globalised and mobile.

The opportunities of globalisation have led to many wealthy individuals having commercial interests in multiple regions, and internationally mobile families based around the world. This has a number of implications for tax management and succession planning.  

Navigating our interconnected world presents opportunities and challenges. Our global team of highly skilled and experienced tax and legal experts have the local in-market knowledge to develop tailored, portable, unit-linked life insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of wealthy individuals living in an increasingly global environment.

Unit linked life assurance is an effective solution in managing the implications of cross-border interests without the need to restructure assets or realise gains at an inappropriate time.

Jurgen Vanhoenacker
Executive Director for Sales and Wealth Structuring
Lombard International Assurance