At Lombard International, everything we do is driven by our core SPIRIT values – Soul of a small company, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork. These values go beyond the workplace, as they shape our purpose, identity, and define our footprint and our legacy. Moreover, as a global leader in our sector, in an ever changing world, it is our belief that we should take a stand on social, cultural and environmental issues in the world and have a positive impact on the communities of the countries in which we operate.

This is why in 2018 we contributed to various important causes across Europe, all of them very close to our hearts. Our people organised company-wide donations, fundraising campaigns and took part in various charitable events.

The charities, associations and organisations we support all share the mission of making the world a better place. Below is an alphabetical list of them:


Belgian Telethon

We cooperated with Belgian Telethon to create St Nicolas sweets packs for our employees. Telethon is an associations fighting neuro muscular diseases. Read more about it at

Pink Ribbons Belgium

We financially contributed to this association fighting against breast cancer. Read more about it at



Pasykaf offers home support, care and help to individuals with cancer and other rare diseases at home. Read more about the association at


Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation

We financially supported this foundation which fights for environmental protection and nature conservation in Baltic Sea region. Read more about it at


Riviera Lifeline

By donating to Riviera Lifeline, we helped seniors to continue independent lives, in a wide variety of way. Read more about the association at


AIL Modena Onlus

We financially contributed to AIL Modena Onlus, a volunteering association fighting against leukemia. Read more about it at


ING marathon fundraising to support Foundation Kriibskrank Kanner 

Every year, the Lombard International and its marathon runners organise a fundraising campaign to collect funds for Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner offering support to children and their families who are fighting cancer or life threatening disease.Read more about the association at

Fondatioun Cancer 

We supported Foundatioun Cancer through employee fundraising and company donation. Read more about the association at

Kanner Wonsch

We sponsored Kanner Wonsch’s Annual Gala event whose objective is to collect funds for children with life-threating conditions and their wishes. Kanner Wonsch lets children forget about their sorrows by granting their most desired wish so they can be a child again and not a patient. Read more about the association at

Ile aux Clowns

We were happy to contribute to an association bringing joy and hope to people with life-threatening medical conditions. Ile aux Clowns provides support to medical supervising staff by making the atmosphere in hospitals more pleasant and relaxed. Read more about the association at

Europa Donna Luxembourg

Our October fundraising campaign gathered our colleagues who could listen to some powerful stories about breast cancer shared by our colleagues and learn more about the Europa Donna association. Read more about it at

Stëmm vun der Stroos

Stëmm vun der Stroos encourages the social and professional integration of underprivileged but also discriminated individuals). Our teams collected funds through a fundraising event and donated clothes for people in need. Read more about the association at

Den Cent Buttek

We supported this association collects the surplus of food and unsold items from bakeries and supermarkets and re-distributes them to people in need. Read more about it at



The Association for Abandoned Animals Sanctuary houses 95 dogs, all abandoned and mostly come from the streets. Read more about it


We donated to Association of Volunteers of Children’s oncology care in Spain. Read more the association at



ETHZ Foundation

ETH Zurich has a living commitment to sustainable development in its four core areas of activity: Research, Teaching, Campus, and Dialog with Society. Read more about the foundation at

United Kingdom

Be Enriched

Be Enriched is a youth and community charity set up in 2013 focused on supporting and developing the community alongside the community. Read more about the charity at

Breaking barriers

By contributing to Breaking barriers, we supported refugee education and support. Gaining stable, fulfilling employment is a crucial contributor to the successful resettlement of refugees. Read more about the initiative at