Insights from our Executive Chairman


“At Lombard International we help nurture the positive aspects of private wealth. Our clients are wealth creators. They are motivated and driven by the footprint that they leave behind. We partner with some of the largest financial services firms across the globe.

We work both with private banks, family offices, independent financial advisors, as well as asset managers. We provide a key component of long term planning and our clients and their partners need that expertise as they address the ever evolving landscape of wealth transfer, wealth management, and dealing with the regulatory and geopolitical environment across the globe.

We have had great momentum over the last 12 months. We have been able to expand our footprint in all of our markets. We have built a very stable base of revenue and financial results over the last 12 months. We have continued to grow the assets under management and we have presented a very stable financial picture.

We have built scale both within the number of markets we serve, which is now over 20 markets across the globe. We have 500 colleagues that are spread around all of the major financial centres in the globe. Uniquely we have 60 technical experts that support our client facing people, and that is quite unique in this space. At the core of Lombard International is really a dedication to innovate and be thought leaders with respect to the needs of our clients and their partners.

At Lombard International, our goal is to make legacy count.”