At Lombard International Group, Corporate Citizenship is our approach to ensuring we have a positive impact in the communities in which we work and operate across the globe. We care about making a meaningful difference today, to safeguard a sustainable future for our colleagues, our clients, our partners, the environment and society of tomorrow. We are guided by our values and motivated by the footprint that we leave behind.

Our donations, charitable partnerships and volunteering initiatives across Europe and in the US are aimed to continue to drive positive environmental impact, social awareness and community prosperity. Our people are at the heart of our endeavours that help to make a real difference, they proactively give back and get involved in their local communities by organising company-wide fundraising campaigns, participating in charitable events and donating their time, money and skills to causes close to their hearts.

Here is a snapshot of our Citizenship programming around the world:


Helping to provide access to education to support the positive evolution of our society and prepare the youth of today for the workplace of tomorrow.


Community Partnership School | Philadelphia, US

The Community Partnership School (CPS) aims to help improve the lives of children in North Central Philadelphia. Founded in 2006, CPS is an innovative, independent elementary school, dedicated to providing an affordable, high-quality education to children from low-income backgrounds. Volunteers from our US office annually participate in the Philadelphia Half-Marathon and the Rothman 8k to help fundraise for the school. As part of the school’s Lunch Buddies Program, every Friday, volunteers assist the CPS teachers during each grade’s lunch period to promote positive dialogue and nurture meaningful relationships between students and adults.
We are particularly proud of launching a summer internship program for CPS alumni. This program is designed to help expose students to an office environment while gaining useful knowledge on time management.

Read more about Community Partnership School here.

The Diana Award | UK



Set up in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, The Diana Award aims to foster, develop and inspire change in the lives of young people through a series of initiatives that promote anti-bullying and programmes that provide mentoring. We are proud to support the Diana Award in the UK.
Read more about the mission of the Diana Award here.

Stëmm vun der Stroos | Luxembourg

Stëmm von der Strooss, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Ministry of Health and the Red Cross, works for the social and professional integration of disadvantaged and underprivileged people. This year, our Luxembourg teams raised funds and donated clothes to support those in need.
Read more about the association here.

Sunshine People | United Kingdom


Sunshine People works to help drive positive social change and increased human connection through the power of kindness.
As a growing, global organisation governed by our values to nurture a collaborative culture, led by Kindness, the Sunshine People’s mission and sentiment is close to our hearts.
Learn more about the Sunshine People’s mission here.


Working to protect and conserve our planet now, so we can pass on a more sustainable, greener future.


Wild@Life | Germany


We are proud to partner with the Wild@Life e.V. Foundation to support their incredible conservation projects to protect the African lions of Chizarira National Park in Zimbabwe. By collaring wild lions, the Foundation is able to monitor the lion’s natural population and the movements of the prides. This project is vital in providing conservationists with the data they need to protect the species in the fight against human wildlife conflict.
In recognition of our partnership with the Wild@life e.V, Aslihan Gedik, the Foundation’s founder, named a young lioness with two cubs Asli. It is an honour to have Asli as our Lombard International Lion and we are thrilled to be supporting this noble mission.
You can meet Asli, our Lombard International Lion here.

Baltic Sea Action Group | Finland


In critical condition, the Baltic Sea is considered one of the most polluted seas in the world. We have supported the Baltic Sea Action Group’s mission to restore the positive ecological balance of the Baltic Sea region for over two years.
Learn more about the conservation efforts of the Baltic Sea Action Group here.  


Passion Projects

Empowering our employees to build connections with and make a difference in their local communities, while working on issues they feel passionate about.


Pink Ribbon | Belgium & Luxembourg


Our teams in Belgium and Luxembourg annually support the Pink Ribbon campaign which raises funds for fundamental scientific research to fight breast cancer. The global initiative works to raise awareness around the prevention and timely detection of breast cancer, whilst also focusing on improving the quality of life of people who are confronted with this disease and their environment, both during and after treatment.

Discover the Pink Ribbon Belgium here.

Foundation Kriibskrank Kanner | Luxembourg

Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner is a Luxembourg-based foundation which helps children in their fight against cancer. Each year, our teams in Luxembourg participate in the ING Marathon to raise money for the Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner’s initiatives which funds research and provides support to families who are fighting cancer or life threatening disease.
Read more about the foundation here.

Ile aux Clowns | Luxembourg

L'Ile aux Clowns works to bring humour, joy and happiness to people who are faced, temporarily or not, with difficult living conditions. Our contributions help them to provide support to medical supervising staff by making the atmosphere in hospitals more pleasant and relaxed.
Explore of L'Ile aux Clowns spreads joy and support here.

Europa Donna | Luxembourg


As part of cancer awareness month, each October our teams in Luxembourg raise funds for Europa Donna who works to raise awareness of breast cancer and to mobilise the support for improved breast cancer education, appropriate screening, optimal treatment and increased funding for research.
Read more about Europa Donna here.