Alternative asset classes and unit-linked life insurance can be a winning combination for private investors.
On 18th June 2020, Jurgen Vanhoenacker, our Executive Director of Business Development and Wealth Structuring, was LPEA’s CEO Rajaa Mekouar guest, as part of the association’s “10 years, 10 minutes” series. The video series celebrates the 10th anniversary of the LPEA (Luxembourg Private Equity & Venture Capital Association) and give voice to various Luxembourg’s financial services leaders.

In this episode, Jurgen give some insight into our company's history and how alternative asset classes, such as private equity, when combined with unit-linked life insurance, can be a winning combination for private investors.
Lombard International Assurance is a full member of the LPEA since 2020.

Lombard International Assurance serves HNW investors in helping structure their portfolios in an efficient manner, providing key advantages including the protection and transfer of wealth, cross-border portability and access to a wide range of asset classes, including non-traditional assets (NTA), also known as alternatives, which include private equity, private debt or real estate. NTAs account for over 10% of the company’s total assets under administration and Lombard International Assurance has a dedicated team, with specialist expertise in onboarding, investing in and administrating NTAs on behalf of their policyholders.