Coffee break:
A conversation with Mats Rönneskog

We are pleased to launch our ‘Coffee Break’ series of insightful conversations with relevant voices for our industry, by a conversation with Mats Rönneskog, our Country Manager Sweden. We met him a few days prior to his retirement to hear his thoughts on his journey, memories and lessons learnt. A privileged moment that we have captured in the video summary below.


When did you join Lombard International Assurance?

I joined Lombard International in 2006, in July. So it’s 13 years ago, pretty much.

When you look back, how was the company back then, and how is it now?

You can say that at that time the company was very sales focused. Today, I perceive that everybody in the value chain in the company is equally important.

What's Lombard International's biggest strengths as an employer?

We have the capability to recruit good people, that means to be sustainable over the years.

What are you the most proud of during these years?

Being part of building a successful company, being proud of representing Lombard International. I would say that…. The thing that is most important for me is my market. We have established a presence in the Swedish market, we have established a brand in the Swedish market.

A message for the Partners?

Continue to trust us because we can deliver. It’s simple.

A message for our colleagues?

In a successful company, all people are accountable and take responsibility for the globality, not only 1 single thing or their responsibility. We can see that on different occasions - We have fun, we enjoy working together. We are a good team, we have the team spirit. That’s the most important as well.

When is your official last day?

That will be 31 July, this year, of course. That will be my last day.

What’s the plan for the coming months?

I will move back to Sweden, I haven’t lived there for 25 years now. I will establish the advisor activity and will continue to work as an ambassador and support the business for Lombard International and work in my network to support Lombard International. I will not disappear from the face of the earth.

So this is an Adieu then, or just a Goodbye...?

It’s just a short bleep and I will take it up again, sometime in September, or something like that. That’s my plan.

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