Lombard International Assurance is pleased to announce the appointment of Roberth Josefsson, our new Senior Relationship Manager Sweden. Roberth will be based in Luxembourg and joins our dedicated expert team present on the Swedish market since 1995 and strong of 25 multi-disciplinary legal and wealth planning experts.

With over 25 years of experience as a Swedish tax lawyer and Wealth Planner in international Private Banking and Insurance, Roberth brings with him deep expertise in unit-linked life assurance, cross border planning and Swedish law. As many HNW families now seek to move abroad as a way to protect their assets, Roberth’s appointment represents a valuable reinforcement of our team, adding up on our cross-border planning capabilities. 

Here below you will find a summary of the advantages of unit-linked life assurance in Sweden. These advantages are increasingly relevant, in light of the current political and economic environment of uncertainty in Sweden, and beyond. 

Advantages of unit-linked life assurance in a cross-border environment 

•    investment flexibility – access to international assets not registered in Sweden, such as alternative funds and private equity;
•    maximum policyholder protection through Luxembourg’s “Triangle of Security”;
•    No capital gains or income tax on proceeds from the life assurance policy. Specifically, gains derived from withdrawals and/or surrender are not subject to local income tax;
•    possibility to assign, pledge or use the life assurance policy as collateral;
•    the proceeds from the life assurance policy fall outside the Swedish taxpayer’s estate on the death of the life assured if there is beneficiary nomination;
•    direct investor influence possible – policyholder free to manage the portfolio of a fund linked to the life assurance policy;
•    easy to declare in the annual Swedish tax declaration;
•    Cross-border by design: a Swedish resident investor subscribing to a life policy can decide to move to another country in the future without needing to dismantle or replace the investment at that time. The future tax treatment of policy gains depend on the tax regime in the new host country. 

Our Swedish team members will be in Stockholm next week as Lombard International Assurance hosts the Private Wealth Nordics Forum next Wednesday, 6 March. While this event is fully sold out we are pleased to discuss the topics and send you the various presentations at any future time.

Please click here to access the full programme of the conference and contact us if this is of any interest.