Lombard International Group has planted 550 trees, one tree for each of its employees across the globe, as part of a reforestation project in Burgundy, France, in celebration of the Company’s 30-year anniversary.  

The COP26 discussions in Glasgow are highlighting the urgent need for all nations, organisations and citizens to align on tangible action plans to tackle climate change. Lombard International Group is committed to accelerating its ESG focused activities by offering support to frontline environmental organisations, and by operating its business through a lens of environmental sustainability. 

In partnership with Tree Nation, an international NGO which supports reforestation programmes across the globe, Lombard International Group has planted a Pyrus Communis tree for each of the company’s 550 employees, as part of a reforestation project in Burgundy, France. This initiative is one of Tree Nation’s agroforestry projects which is focused on converting uncultivated agricultural fields into agroforestry systems.  This combines agriculture with forestry, which in turn helps to revitalise the local ecosystem.

Lombard International Group is motivated by the footprint it will leave behind, and believes that working together to protect and preserve the planet for future generations is an integral part of the legacy it aims to build. Corporate Citizenship is at the heart of the Company’s ESG commitments, by having a positive impact in the communities in which the Company operates and serves. 

Stuart Parkinson, Group CEO of Lombard International commented, ‘Corporate Citizenship is deeply engrained in who we are as a business. At Lombard International, our purpose goes far beyond providing wealth planning solutions across our different geographies. Our commitment to making legacy count is part of our broader purpose of safeguarding a sustainable future for our colleagues, our clients, our partners, the environment and society of tomorrow.

About Tree Nation

Tree Nation is an NGO that connects companies and citizens to reforestation projects taking place across the globe. The organisation aims to make tree-planting easy and accessible to everyone, by uniting all tree planning efforts worldwide.