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Episode 7 : An efficient IT infrastructure is the backbone to delivering Service Excellence

Faces Behind Service Excellence Ep.7 - Jeremy Scian

In this new episode of our Faces behind Service Excellence series, we met Jeremi Scian, Service Desk Supervisor, Technology & Business Solutions, at Lombard International Assurance. Jeremi talks about how a well-supported IT infrastructure provides a solid foundation from which the business can deliver efficient and effective Service Excellence to our partners and clients.

Managing the IT Help Desk at Lombard International Assurance in Luxembourg, Jeremi is responsible for ensuring his team delivers technical advice and support across the business. An avid sportsman, Jeremi applies the skills he developed through his love of sports to his management style. We took the opportunity to discuss with Jeremi his leadership approach, to better understand how his passion for team spirit helps enable his team to deliver Service Excellence every day. 


Tell us a little bit about what the IT Help Desk does at Lombard International Assurance.  

Technology plays an essential role in any organisation, big or small. It is one of the largest investments a company can make, so it is important that the company also invests in looking after it. If the technology fails, the impact to the business can be catastrophic.

Lombard International Assurance takes its IT support very seriously. We primarily direct, implement and troubleshoot technical issues with software, hardware and mobile applications that support the overarching business.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I approach my role in managing the IT Help Desk with honesty and integrity. I try to inspire teamwork, whilst delegating tasks with a sense of purpose and clear priority to promote productivity and efficiency.

I take much of my management style inspiration from team sports. Over the years, playing handball has taught me a lot about passion, perseverance, dedication and collaboration. You might not realise it when you are younger, but these are valuable life skills that benefit you off the pitch, as much as on it.

Why is collaboration so important in a technical team?

Our team spends a lot of time identifying and clearing roadblocks. Effective collaboration skills are required to work with and across different business functions to understand and resolve these challenges as quickly as possible. To achieve this, we often need to find ways of communicating and translating often highly technical conversations to non-technical people.

What does Service Excellence mean to you?

To me, Service Excellence means providing our colleagues with technical solutions or quality advice that is delivered quickly, to ensure the business receives the highest level of support. I started my career journey with Lombard International Assurance 12 years ago. As the business has grown, the IT infrastructure and supporting systems have evolved. This pace has not changed, which means that the team and I always need to be on the pulse of technology trends in order to stay ahead of the curve, be flexible and find best case solutions to meet the business needs.

Our team’s aptitude for ensuring the business is firing correctly on all cylinders interconnects with the broader business objectives; by achieving technical and operational excellence, our business is able to deliver superior service to our clients and partners.

Which of our SPIRIT values is the most important to you and why?

As part of Lombard International’s bi-annual SPIRIT Awards, I was recognised for my significant contribution and exemplification of our Passion value which was a great honour.

That said, Integrity would be my favourite value because it infers honesty and transparency. It is acting with a conscious mindset to do the right thing. Integrity builds trust, and trust is important in building relationships, which, like I said before, collaboration and teamwork is vital in driving high performance. I believe in the concept that we are stronger when we work together, as a unit, to achieve a common goal.

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