Lombard International Assurance, a global leader in wealth structuring solutions for high-net-worth individuals, today announced the launch of its new digital platform called ‘Connect. This represents an important transformation in the way Lombard International Assurance provides access to a range of services and is another milestone in the firm’s growth strategy.
Connect is a purpose built digital servicing platform which provides online and secure access to client data, and transaction information. It has been specifically designed in collaboration with the firm’s Partners (including private banks and professional advisers) to develop an innovative digital solution that is attuned to their requirements and preferences.
Connect also provides real-time dashboard functionality with intuitive navigation to access policy details, and latest NAVs (Net Asset Values). By enhancing Lombard International Assurance’s service offering in such a way, Partners and their clients can monitor their transactions and queries, stay up-to-date with investment performance and access additional online support through an interactive query handling facility via desktops, tablets and smartphones. Connect is accessible 24/7 and available in six languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Commenting on the launch of Connect, Erlend Fredriksen, CFA, Product Specialist, Pareto Wealth Management said, “I have been thoroughly impressed by this solution throughout the beta testing period and cannot wait to start using it. I do not exaggerate when I say that the Connect servicing platform will make my job easier”.
Axel Hörger, CEO of Lombard International Assurance added,  “The tailored service and level of expertise we offer partners and clients is an important differentiator for Lombard International. Connect digitises and enhances a number of our capabilities whilst complementing our ‘people touch’ points and strengthening our servicing capacity. Combining the knowledge of over 50 highly qualified wealth planners, legal and fiscal experts with our innovative technology, we will be in a stronger position to serve our Partners and clients as we head into an ever complex and changing 2017”.
Lombard International Assurance is committed to continued investment in digitalisation. This will see further innovation in online functionality and enhancements to the platform, as well as developing a suite of digital solutions in core markets across the globe, ensuring the level of service and expertise remains at the cutting edge of the industry. 
About Lombard International Assurance
Lombard International Assurance is a leading global life insurance-based wealth solutions provider, combining the strength and expertise of two specialist life insurance companies with over 25 years’ experience and market leadership in their respective fields. Lombard International Assurance provides wealth-structuring solutions using unit-linked life assurance solutions to high net worth individuals, their families and institutions around the globe.
The global group, branded as Lombard International, launched to market in September 2015. With head offices located in Luxembourg and Philadelphia, a combined global presence enables Lombard International to serve clients’ complex needs on a global basis while being sensitive to local cultures and attitudes. The firm is an industry leader in providing multi-jurisdictional wealth planning solutions through its partner networks across the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.  
Global assets under administration are in excess of USD 80 billion with a global staff numbering over 500, including more than 60 technical experts specializing in 19 jurisdictions.
Funds managed by Blackstone own Lombard International. Blackstone is one of the world’s leading investment firms with assets under management of over USD 360 billion.

Translations avaliable (DE, FR), please contact communications-eu@lombardinternational.com